Haitang Bay

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Located in the South China Sea, the Haitang Bay area, has been identified as an area of great environmental value to be developed into an upmarket ecotourism destination experience, a new city designed around a hospitality, tourism and leisure framework which will ensure the future preservation of this area’s unique, environmental and cultural resources.

The project area of 226,963 hectares is separated into two distinct land parcels by an existing river. In our proposal each parcel has been treated as a distinct ‘village’ with its own character and identity, although strong bridge links over the dividing river will facilitate convenient pedestrian and vehicular movement between the two developments. A water taxi network will provide access to the central areas of both the East and West Villages including the Fishing Village, the Water Sport’s Club, the village centres, the Main Marina and the proposed Convention Centre Complex.

As the project is intended to be a major tourist destination, certain design principles have been adopted to create an environment that is visually exciting, offers a multitude of activities for visitors, is pedestrian friendly and occasionally draws on age old Chinese Planning and design innovations which have been applied in a more contemporary way.

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