Mangapwani Resort and Golf Course

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The architectural concept is based on the medieval architectural form of Stone Town which is largely Omani Arab but influence by the blending of African, Indian and several European cultures.  Sailing around the point of the peninsula the stately, crenellated architectural forms of a “Stone Town” come into view along the sea front.  The “Stone Town” aesthetic reflects the maze of narrow streets with the tall houses casting deep shadows that offer a welcome relief from the baking equatorial sun.

A perfectly balanced “city” with elegant colonnades and arcades slowly unfolds on the horizon.  Poised between the sky and sea, the wall of buildings is dominated in the centre by courtyards and a square tower.  Colonnades, arcades, cantilevered balconies and white walls with corrugated iron roof appear to rise up from the sea.  The shuttered windows are opened to catch the sea breezes and the sunlight is filtered by fretwork and latticework screens.

As with traditional Islamic houses, rooms are grouped around courtyards with elaborately carved balconies projecting into the spaces. Intricately carved doorways with ornate doors and with elaborate carvings adorned with brass studs form focal points and gateways to cool interior spaces.

The resort comprises a 200 key hotel, sports and golf club, 18 hole golf course and a water sport centre.

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