Ghabina – Oman

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Situated within one of Musandam’s celebrated fjords, the Ghabina Beach Resort is an exclusive retreat which encompasses a series of coves, secluded beaches and impressive mountain cliff tops.

The striking diversity of the landscape has encouraged a distinctive architectural response which is environmental – taking careful account and advantage of the vast space, dramatic landforms, views, light and access to water.  The design focus is contemporary and reflects a fusion of the Omani and Persian Culture prevalent on the Peninsula, as well as Oman’s vestiges of monumental fortification architecture.  A combination of fabric, stone and exposed facades with traditional decoration will further enhance the individual structures already located in perfect seclusion either on the beach, in the water or high on the mountain side.

Two monumental stone signal towers with gas burners overlook the resort, creating a powerful visual effect by day and by night. One of the restaurants forms part of the ‘arrival experience’ battlement built right against the cliff face.  From this high vantage point, magnificent views out over the fjord from the sunset terraces can be enjoyed.

The Hotel comprises of 15 tented hotel room on the beach, 12 over water hotel rooms, 21 private hillside hotel rooms, 2 private hillside villas and ancillary facilities such as marina water access, gym, library and personalized spa treatments.


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