Qasr Al Sarab

Gold Reef Goldfields Casino




The hotel which recently opened consists of 160 keys, 43 keys for villas and 10 keys for the Royal Pavilion Villas. The resort also offers restaurants, bar and grill, a gymnasium and spa facility.

A seasonally harsh environment and material restrictions compelled the design to withdraw further into tight, dim interiors, creating a longing for the freedom of open space – space without undue emphasis upon structure. The limitations imposed by structure become invisible under a veil of surface treatment, by polychrome paint, carved plaster, patterned inlay and glittering tiles.

Space is made dynamic and ambiguous by changes in levels and direction, by various degrees of openness, the contrasting of high and low, wide and narrow, bright and shaded.

Light filters through screens or coloured glass and is diffused by reflecting surfaces, having a mellow, space dissolving effect. Lamps are fashioned to scatter the light and further a sense of ambiguity, as whiffs of incense and perfumes and the extended rhythms of Arabic music confirm the ephemeral quality of existence.

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