Muyuni Beach Resort

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The architectural concept is based on the evolution of various architectural styles that emerged from the migration of Arabs from Southern Arabia, especially Oman and Hadramaut, toward the Swahili coast and the Zanzibar archipelago.  As the influence of Oman increased on the island, the gradual introduction of Arab vernacular architecture began to change the face of Zanzibar.  The primordial quality in the art of the Oman architecture which imbued it with a spirit of minimalism and austerity has defined the extent and form of the architecture.

The detailing of the buildings – such as the carved window screens, the doors, the carved mud, lime plaster and stucco work, and the painted ceilings and calligraphic inscriptions – express stylistic variations owing to the different interpretations of local master builders and craftsmen, and has been incorporated into the architectural language.  Traditional Omani styled gardens are limited to simple arrangements within the context of the courtyard house and water is celebrated with the introduction of fountains, channels and pools in the maize of courtyards.

The resort comprises a 200 key hotel, traditional fishing village and beach and water amenities.

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