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Architecturally the complex is an African mosaic reflecting the simple adobe walls decorated with rich patterns, colours and texture from the North African regions which synonymous to the vernacular of most African forms and embodies the warmth and hospitality ambience of the rural African culture.

Moroccan design elements integrated with the tapestry of natural materials such as timber and metal work, earthy pigmented render are complimentary to the diversity of the ethnic cultures.

The name “Meropa” literally translated in Pedi means drum and this strong cultural icon is reinforced in the “drum Bar” with its spectacular backdrop of unique drums steep in cultural history.

The development is complimented with a cultural village, arts and craft centre that showcases and celebrates the diversity of the region which is intervened with ancestral myths and historical legends interwoven with cultural ceremonies and lifestyles.

The main complex includes a casino, containing 250 slot machines and 12 tables, a conference facility for 400 delegates, a children’s entertainment centre and a number of restaurants.

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