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The sound of moving water, falling, splashing or simply dripping is a constant companion for guests and visitors to Atlantis. The whole complex is a huge celebration of water and sea; an elegant reminder that our world comprises nearly seventy five percent ocean.

Architecture of the imagination designed to transport guests and visitors into another place and time. This is the watery world of Poseidon, the all-powerful God of the Sea and founder of the fabled lost city of Atlantis. The walls of Atlantis are literally lined with sea creatures, if not staring back at you from behind thick polymer glass screens, then from deep etched murals, great panels of bright mosaic tiles or exquisitely crafted light fittings.

The capital city of the sunken continent was a marvel of architecture and engineering and home to a wealthy, technologically advanced civilization. It is believed that the citizens of Atlantis were blond, blue-eyed, titanic giants. From the oversized proportions of structures and artifacts found in the underwater city, this could indeed be true. So it is in the new resort; everything larger than life, with rich, exuberant decoration based on motives found in the ocean. Even the profile of the buildings will be like colossal underwater rock formations, towering pinnacles, soaring arches, narrow crevices and massive walls of flat rock stepping slowly down to the sandy ocean floor.

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